Eduardo Antônio Machado Teixeira
Date of Birth: Jun 07, 1993 | Height/Weight: 178 cm / 70 kg | Nationality: Brazilian






• Vision in fast attacks   • Superb set-piece crosses   • Good technique

Eduardo Teixeira is Fluminense player who was sent on loan several times into various clubs. This season he plays for Estoril. It’s his first European experience but Eduardo says that his adaptation was quick and easy due to many Brazilians in the team.

The midfielder describes himself as a player who likes to organize attacks and assist teammates. Eduardo is a mobile box-to-box midfielder who can be found everywhere on the pitch. The player possesses good technique. His first touch is very soft, he easily turns around with the ball and can overcome pressing with his dribbling. The player likes to receive the ball free of marking (6 challenges in attack per game). He thinks quickly during transition into attack. The midfielder is able to launch counterattacks with vertical passes or run with the ball at high speed himself. Set-piece skills can be named as one of Eduardo’s main strengths. His corner crosses are really dangerous, he curls the ball with power and good accuracy. He can also take direct free kicks trying to place his shot into the corner.

by InStat.


  • Domestic Competitions

  • Brazil Serie A - Winner - 2012

  • Carioca 1 - Winner - 2012

  • Catarinense 1 - Winner - 2015

  • Cearense 1 - Winner - 2014