Marcos Gabriel do Nascimento
Date of Birth: Jul 21, 1990 | Height/Weight: 174 cm / 70 kg | Nationality: Brazilian




Left Midfielder



• Smart key passing   • Pinpoint set-piece deliveries   • Playmaking functions

Marquinhos Gabriel was once considered to be among the best Brazilian talents. After his first season in Serie A he was dubbed “the new Pato” but later his progress was hindered by injuries. He spent a couple of seasons in Saudi Arabia and in 2016 returned to Brazil.

Marquinhos Gabriel is a creative winger. He has great level of technique and feeling of game rhythm, which make him a high-quality wide playmaker. He evaluates passing options in advance and keeps in his mind several alternatives. Position on the right wing better allows him to fulfil his potential. Marquinhos is a left-footed player and an option to shift inside makes him very dangerous. He can send soft and precise through balls or lofted passes into the middle of the penalty area or sometimes involve an overlapping full-back into the combination. His key passes are mostly made according to the tempo of teammates’ runs. If he gets a chance to break into the penalty area, Marquinhos can send a soft cross with both feet. He also curls the ball from corners with pinpoint precision. The midfielder possesses subtle futsal technique and he is able to operate with the ball in tight spaces turning around.

by InStat.


  • International Competitions

  • Florida Cup - Runner-up - 2017

  • Domestic Competitions

  • Saudi Arabia Super Cup - Runner-up - 2014/2015

  • Copa do Brasil - Runner-up - 2015

  • Paulista 1 - Winner - 2015

  • Baiano 1 - Runner-up - 2013

  • Pernambuco 1 - Runner-up - 2012